We are Hiring

We are Hiring – Part-time / Remote / Freelance Student Recruiters/ Work Abroad program.

APPLICATION DEADLINE : Apply Now… If this page is still up, it means we are still accepting applications. Apply now because we will close this offer, without prior notice, once we have the right number of new partners.
Tell your friends and colleagues about this student recruiter offer. We are looking to add
over 5000 new student recruiters, Educational firms and schools to our current Partnership Program. We also offer you attractive commission for our Work Abroad program.
Every month, EDUCRAFT CONSULT through its various websites and partners serves over 2000 international students from over 105 countries wishing to study at the most prestigious, top-ranking universities around the world. In some schools, scholarships are available for undergraduate, masters and PhD degree programs for students from all countries. And for the past 3 – 4 years, Educraft Consult through its partners has been a top ranking education consultancy.
With just one application, Educraft Consult acquires admission and scholarship for international students to the top 3 – 20 quality universities worldwide. We are in partnership with top g
+Affordable low Tuition fee.
+Financial aid and Scholarships available.
+Low Cost of Living.
+Lots of degree program
+Over 31 Study Abroad Countries
+Our Work Abroad programs requires no down payment.
+Most of our work Abroad program comes with free Accommodation.
+Work Abroad programs comes with Work visa, job contract and permit.
+We handle the Job Recruitment process. All you need to do is to register them, guide them to submit all required documents and we take it from there.
+All Work Abroad programs comes with free Airport pic up.

Who is Eligible to apply?
Individual – Teachers, Mothers, Lecturers, Fathers, Sales & Marketing Persons, Employed, Unemployed, Students, Self-Employed, in fact Anybody
Companies – any company that interacts with students and job seekers such as Agencies, Travel & Transport Companies, Education Companies, etc
School – High Schools, Remedial Schools, Pre-Universities, Professional Institutes.

Your Job Description
You will be responsible for recruiting and convincing students and job seekers in your country to work or study at affordable tuition fees in any of the over 30 countries and over 60 universities. Admission and Job Applications are done online on our website.

Part-time (work from anywhere)
Work from any country in the world.
Job duty — Get students and job seekers who want to work or Study Abroad with Scholarship in Europe, Asia, America.

Who can apply — Anyone can apply… agencies, companies, teachers, lecturers, students, educators, marketer, sales rep, mums, dads, unemployed, employed.

Work with Educraft Consult — Just one application for admission to many universities. We also handle job application.
Salary – This is a commission based employment with contract.

How To Apply.
Our students recruiters and employment agents are called our Partners. And you can join as a partner in one of the main categories listed.

Being a partner and working with Educraft Consult is very easy, simple and straight forward. All you have to do is inform job seekers and students and then help them apply (including your Partner ID / username in application form). From there, an admission counselor and our expert recruiter will take over and process the application.

Step 1
Join us using the right account.
Step 2
Look at list of schools and available Work Abroad offers on our website and understand their costs & requirements.
Step 3
Talk to your students and job seekers and help them understand.
Step 4
Fill and submit application forms to apply.
Step 5
An Educraft Consult admission counselor or recruitment expert will take up the application from there. And you get paid..
Step 6
Be available to support your students or job seekerand provide any extra information that the admission counselor need as well as keep updated on the application.

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