University of the West of Scotland

Moving overseas to study can seem like a daunting prospect, however, it offers opportunities for personal and academic development, as well as shaping your future career.

Every year at the University of the West of Scotland, we welcome hundreds of international students into our vibrant and diverse academic community. We do everything we can to help them prepare for life at UWS as well as supporting them during their studies.

International students who study with us report an enriching and rewarding experience which they look back on with good memories.

Application Requirements

After submitting your application here, an admission counselor will guide your through the whole admission process.

Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Turkish are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Turkish. 

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has NO application/enrollment fee.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines

Spring/February Intake: starts – 26th August,ends – 20th January (best to apply before October)

Fall/September Intake: starts – 26th January, ends – 25th August (best to apply before June)

Admission Requirements to Undergraduate Programs

Scanned copy of international travel passport

Scanned copy of Secondary School Certificate

Full Transcript (for transfer students only)

One passport-sized photograph (face only)

Applicants must be below 25 years

A copy of proof of English Proficiency if any (SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE, IELTS or any other relevant document)

Transfer Students

Official stamped and signed descriptions of courses already taken along with stamped and signed official university Transcript or equivalent 

Must complete a minimum of 2/3 of the Master’s degree credits (credits Earned at other universities)

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

Non-English speaking international students will need to submit an English language proficiency certificate (any of these – IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, IGCSE PTE).

Other Application Details

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is also considered as an alternative combinations of qualifications and experience,

University of West Scotland (UWS) Tuition Fees

International students are to pay £4,500 in both registration and tuition fee. This payment can be made in a maximum of 3 installments.

£4,500/year – Master in Public Administration

£4,500/year – MSc Civil Society and Public Affairs

£4,500/year – MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance

£4,500/year – MEd TESOL

£4,500/year – MA Creative Media Practice

 Tuition Fees Requirements

During Application — Tuition fee is not required.
After Admission / Invitation Letter — Visa application 
After Arrival –Registration and tuition fee needs to paid in full or installments.


Not matter where you wish to travel to, studying abroad is not cheap. In fact, even studying in your own country is not cheap. But if you can afford, it is always advisable to study abroad. Even if you are from a 1st world (advanced country), doing a year or a semester abroad is still very advantageous.

However, international students have access to a 60% discount on tuition fees which can be considered as a 60% scholarship by some people. Aside this discount, the only other group of people who have access to scholarships are those with impressive academic results.

 Housing fee

Generally, the cost of the average accommodation in the University of Western Scotland ranges between 160 to 280 Euros per month on-campus.

On campus

There are a number of different accommodations provided by the University of Western Scotland. You will find the core values of the university ingrained into every stone and pillar of the halls of accommodation which are promoting equality and diversity.  A look at the price of their on-campus accommodation which is between €160 and €280 per month further exemplifies this.

Education Requirements for Student Visa

Student visa to come study in North Cyprus is easy to obtain. You apply for North Cyprus student visa from the closest Turkish embassy to you.

Once you have your admission letter

confirmation letter from university (proof of payment of first tuition fees)

and has provided documents requested by the embassy.

There is no reason to reject your student visa application. In all our dealings, our students have never been rejected visa. But we have heard of a few students (not our own) who were rejected because they didn’t get the documents needed. But when they reapplied, it was granted them.

Visa Requirements & Documents

Document language:

All documents executed in a foreign language (except English) shall be accompanied by their translation into English. Translation of all documents must be notarized.

In order to apply for a student visa to study in North Cyprus, you will need to submit several documents. These documents include:

1. 6 months validity on passport — An International Passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months after the expiry of your visa. N:B: Your passport must have at least two unused pages for entry/departure visa endorsements.

2. Photocopy of passport (all pages)

3. Filled visa application form online or provided by the embassy (varies in each country)

4. A proof of the visa application fee payment (An original receipt).

5. A 29mm x 34mm, colored passport with white background (have at least two more copies just in case).

6. Admission and acceptance letter by the university (for student visa applicants).
A letter from your employer outlining the reason for your visit, who you will be meeting and details of any payment/expenses (for work visa applicants).
Letter of Invitation (for visitor visa applicants).
Travel Itinerary (for tourist visa applicants).

7. Payment receipts of school fees usually from the bank (or email of the transaction if you paid online)

8. Confirmation letter from the University acknowledging receipt of payment

9. Proof of basic educational qualification, etc, diploma, certificate and SSCE (IGCSE/A LEVEL/WAEC/NECO) signed and approved by the ministry of education.

10. Guarantors letter signed by the sponsor and the student, stating that sponsor will cover all the expenses of the student and the student will never apply to any person or institution (including, university) for financial support or scholarship certified notary public.

11. A copy of certificate incorporation of the sponsor. (Only if the student is using a company bank statement of account).

12. A copy of the certificate of income tax clearance of sponsor. (Only if the student is using a company bank statement of account).

13. Original approval reference letter from the bank branch manager.

14. Bank statement (maximum 3 months old) — Financial documents to provide that you can financially sustain yourself in Cyprus. Yours or that of a close relative or from your sponsoring company or government.
These documents might include:– bank statements- proof of earnings or the financial document of a guardian in Cyprus that has sufficient resources to financially support you.

15. (for Private medical treatment visa applicants) Letter from a doctor or consultant in Cyprus showing:
– Details of health condition
– Cost and duration of treatment
– Location of treatment (for Private medical treatment visa applicants).

Most of the documents cut across all the different types of Cyprus Visas and some are peculiar to the visa type needed. Submitting fake documents result in abrupt closure of the visa application, and seizing of the documents. Original documents are mandatory for your application.

Please get the most updated visa requirement and document list from the Turkish embassy website or office in the country you wish to apply for your visa in.

Health Insurance Requirement

International students who study in North Cyprus will need to obtain a doctor’s certificate confirming that they can freely undertake study in the field of their choice.

You will also need to be insured for the duration of your stay in North Cyprus; this is part of your tuition fees.