University of Prince Edward Island

Located on 140 acres in Charlottetown, the birthplace of Confederation, the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) has a rich history with roots in two founding institutions, Prince of Wales College (est. 1834) and St. Dunstan’s University (est. 1855). UPEI honours this proud legacy through a growing reputation for research innovation and academic excellence.

UPEI offers a wide range of programs and degrees to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Home to multiple Canada Research Chairs, a Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology, a UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability, endowed or sponsored research chairs, and 3M Teaching Award-winners, UPEI offers its students access to exceptional faculty, researchers, and staff. UPEI students come from all walks of life and from local, regional, national and international locations.

In 2016, international students from close to 70 countries comprise almost 21 per cent of the University’s total enrolment.

The campus consists of 29 academic, administration, residential and athletics buildings and facilities including Don and Marion McDougall Hall housing the Faculty of Business; the historic SDU Main Building; Bill and Denise Andrew Hall; the W. A. Murphy Student Centre; and the Health Sciences Building, a facility for the Faculty of Nursing and the Applied Human Sciences programs.

A new, 76,000 square-foot Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building opened in August 2016. Athletics facilities have grown substantially over the past decade including the new UPEI Alumni Canada Games Place track and field facility, the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre, a lighted, synthetic-surface sports field, and the community-based Bell Aliant Centre that features competitive and leisure pools and two NHL-sized ice surfaces (MacLauchlan Arena). The campus also houses the National Research Council’s Institute for Nutrisciences and Health at the Regis and Joan Duffy Research Centre.

Tuition & Other Costs

Barchelors Programs

Faculty of Arts

$7,176/ year – Acadian Studies

$7,176/ year – Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture (ACLC)

$7,176/ year – Arts Seminars

$7,176/ year – Asian Studies

$7,176/ year – Canadian Studies

$7,176/ year – Catholic Studies

$7,176/ year – Christian Studies

$7,176/ year – Classics

$7,176/ year – Diversity and Social Justice Studies (DSJS)

$7,176/ year – Economics

$7,176/ year – English

$7,176/ year – Fine Arts 

$7,176/ year – French

$7,176/ year – German

$7,176/ year – History

$7,176/ year – Integrated Studies

$7,176/ year – International Studies

$7,176/ year – Island Studies 

$7,176/ year – Journalism (Bachelor of Applied Arts in)

$7,176/ year – Medieval and Renaissance Studies

$7,176/ year – Modern Languages

$7,176/ year – Music (BA, Major in)

$7,176/ year – Music (Bachelor of)

$7,176/ year – Music Education

$7,176/ year – Philosophy

$7,176/ year – Political Science

$7,176/ year – Psychology

$7,176/ year – Religious Studies

$7,176/ year – Social Studies of Science

$7,176/ year – Sociology

$7,176/ year – Sociology/Anthropology

$7,176/ year – Spanish

$7,176/ year – Theatre Studies

Faculty of Business

$13,326/ year – Bachelor of Business Administration

$13,326/ year – Accounting (Specialization)

$13,326/ year – Entrepreneurship (Specialization)

$13,326/ year – Marketing (Specialization)

$13,326/ year – Organizational Management (Specialization)

$13,326/ year – Tourism and Hospitality (Specialization)

$13,326/ year – Certificate in Business

$13,326/ year – Certificate in Accounting

$13,326/ year – Bachelor of Business Studies

$13,326/ year – Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality

$13,326/ year – Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration

$13,326/ year – Co-operative Education, Business

$13,326/ year – Minor in Business Administration

$13,326/ year – Public Administration

Faculty of Education

$10,692/year – Bachelor of Education

$10,692/year – Baccalauréat en éducation, Français Langue Seconde

$10,692/year – Certificate in Adult Education (CAE)

$10,692/year – Certificate in Educational Leadership (Nunavut)

Faculty of Nursing

$7,176/ year – Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

$7,176/ year – Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Faculty of Science

$7,176/ year – Applied Climate Change and Adaptation

$7,176/ year – Biology

$7,176/ year – Biotechnology

$7,176/ year – Chemistry

$7,176/ year – Child & Family Studies

$7,176/ year – Computer Science

$7,176/ year – Co-operative Education, Computer Science

$7,176/ year – Dietetic Internship (Foods and Nutrition)

$7,176/ year – Environmental Studies

$7,176/ year – Family Science

$7,176/ year – Foods and Nutrition

$7,176/ year – Kinesiology

$7,176/ year – Mathematical and Computational Sciences

$7,176/ year – Mathematics and Statistics

$7,176/ year – Medical and Biological Physics

$7,176/ year – Paramedicine

$7,176/ year – Physics

$7,176/ year – Co-operative Education, Physics

$7,176/ year – Pre-Veterinary Medicine Stream

$7,176/ year – Psychology

$7,176/ year – Radiography

$7,176/ year – Sustainable Design Engineering

$7,176/ year – Wildlife Conservation

Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering

$7,176/ year – Sustainable Design Engineering

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

$66,500/ year – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Mastors Programs

Faculty of Arts

$15,000 per 2 year – Island Studies

Faculty of Business

$34,670 per 2 year – Executive Master of Business Administration

$34,670 per 2 year – Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership

Faculty of Education

$9,384 per 2 year – Master of Education in Leadership in Learning

Faculty of Nursing

$8,206 per 2 year – Master of Nursing

Faculty of Science

$12,864 per 2 year – Master of Applied Health Services Research

$8,268 per 2 year – Master of Science

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

$8,268 per 2 year – Master of Science (Veterinary Medicine)

$8,268 per 2 year – Master of Veterinary Science

$4,134 per 2 year – Post-graduate Diploma in Pathology or Microbiology

Faculty of Engineering

$8,268 per 2 year – Master in Engineering

PhD Programs

Faculty of Arts

$32,800 per 4 year – Psychology(PsyD)

Faculty of Education

$12,402 per 3 year – Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Faculty of Science

$8,268 per 2 year – Environmental Sciences

$8,268 per 2 year – Molecular and Macromolecular Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

$12,402 per 3 year – PhD in Veterinary Medicine


Scholarships for International Students at UPEI

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Scholarship Awarded by: University of Prince Edward Island

Scholarship Amount: €500 – €3000 only – depending on the grades of the students every year

Avrg. Scores      Guaranteed Scholarships
80.00–84.99       $500
85.00–89.99       $1,000
90.00–94.99       $2,000
95.00–100.00     $3,000 

Scholarship Duration: from second year to fourth year

Scholarship Eligibility: Foreign Student at Undergraduate level

Scholarship Application: This scholarship is effective only after admission into UPEI

Scholarship Coverage: This scholarship only affects your tuition fees. You are still responsible for all your other study abroad costs.

Application Requirements


The following requirements apply to all degree programs under the different faculties of the university.

Submit high school certificate and transcript

Scanned copy of passport

Must have 12 years of elementary and secondary education

Provide TOEFL or IELTA test results with marks no lower than 80/6.5 respectively.


The following documents are the necessary for applying to the post graduate programs and must b applying during the application process:

Complete graduate application

Submit official post-secondary transcripts

Submit letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional)

Provide a one page statement of intent

Resume or CV

Confirmation of English Language proficiency for applicants from non-English speaking countries. International tests of proficiency like IELTS or TOEFL are acceptable to the University.

Transfer Students

The university always welcomes international transfer students with open arms. However transfer students need to submit official transcripts from previous universities or colleges, along with a brief course outlines or descriptions in English in order to determine the number of credit hours that can be transferred.


After submitting your application here, an admission counselor will guide your through the whole admission process.

Residence Fees

Please note, all students living in the two student halls of Bernardine and Andrew are required to purchase a 5- or 7-day meal plan each semester. Blanchard Hall residents are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are permitted to do so if they wish. Priority for Blanchard Hall semi-private space is given to upper-year, transfer, graduate, and mature students.

These fees cover the 2018-2019 academic year, and are subject to change.

Bernardine Hall

Single room, with 5-day meal plan: $5,302 per semester

Single room, with 7-day meal plan: $5,389 per semester

Double room, with 5-day meal plan: $4,632 per semester

Double room, with 7-day meal plan: $4,719 per semester

Bill and Denise Andrew Hall

Single suite with 5-day meal plan: $5,629 per semester

Single suite with 7-day meal plan: $5,716 per semester

Double suite with 5-day meal plan: $5,464 per semester

Double suite with 7-day meal plan: $5,551 per semester

Triple suite with 5-day meal plan: $5,464 per semester

Triple suite with 7-day meal plan: $5,551 per semester

Blanchard Hall

Semi-private (private bedroom): $3,164 per semester

Residence Meal Plans

5-day meal plan: $2,223 per semester

7-day meal plan: $2,310 per semester 

Note: Credit card payments of tuition or residence fees has been discontinued.