Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program. Educraft Consult Nigeria.
We assist to process admissions to Universities in Latvia, Poland, Canada, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, South Cyprus, North Cyprus and many more.

Premium Tier Benefits – Customized Services

We recommend you choose the Premium Tier Package. It has the best value of the services we offer. This package gives you all need to process your application to 5 top ranking universities worldwide, to get your admission letter, to get your confirmation letter which you need for visa and much more.

+We know all the secrets.
Every month over 2000 international students use our services. We want to help you just like we helped them.
+99% Admission Success 
The universities trust us and knows that only quality students comes from EduCraft Consult. Hence, 99 percent of international students whose admission and scholarship we process get admitted into the university of their choice.
+1 gives you up to 5.
With just one application, you apply to 5 of the top ranking universities around the world.
+Admission & Scholarship.
EduCraft Consult automatically processes your scholarship applications as your admission application is being processed. Saving your time and stress.
+The Best from the Start
In just 6 months we surpassed all other education consultancies to become the best top ranked international students’ assistants worldwide. Now we have been at it for several years, we are better than ever.
+Super Fast Application Processing.
Since we are right in the admission halls of the universities, we have access like non-other. If we delay, then the university admission board themselves must be going through some issue. Simply put, we are the fastest application processors.
+We have got eyes and ears on the ground.
We do it so you don’t have to. We are based right where the universities are, so we are among the first to hear of any changes that might affect your admission; so we take action on your behalf before its becomes too late.
+Stress-free Housing.
Settling your Accommodation plans is very important. EduCraft Consult staff will provide and guide you with the right information and knowledge you need for on-campus dormitories or off-campus housing plans.
+Your own Personal Assistant.
For ONE MONTH after you travel, we will assign a dedicated remote staff to you as your personal assistant in everything that concerns settling into your new university environment. They will be available to advise and guide you on phone as you settle into your new country and university.
+Access to Fund.
As a new student, keeping your money safe and having access to funds from home as soon as you arrive cannot be over emphasized. Even if you have a credit card from home, it is very much recommended you get a bank account once you arrive. We will provide you will the advise for each country.
+Immigration and Permit.
Legal documentation can be a headache sometimes; especially when you just arrive to a new country and are required to quickly get your papers in order as to not delay in registering for your semester courses. The staff assign to you will provide you with the guidelines and will speak to the school to help you.
+Course Registration Staff.
Every semester, students are required to register for new courses in their program of study. This period is usually a stressful one especially for a student who is new to the system. We will assign to you an experienced staff who will remotely guide through every step.
+Airport Pickup Escort.
Right from your home country through your possible transits to your final destination. We track your journey and our staff will speak to the school to wait for you when you get off the plane and will ensure the school staff takes you to the specific university campus.
+Visa Info Guide.
Every European country has it’s own set of rules (sometime similar) that governs international student visa. And sometime they differ from depending on the student’s nationality. EduCraft Consult staff remotely help you wade through the visa hustle swamp relating to your country.
+24/7 Availability and Support.
We are always here on phone, WhatsApp, Live chat, email when you need us.