Near East University

The Near East University has 19 faculties comprising 220 departments and programs, 8 graduate schools with around 218 graduate and postgraduate programs, and 3 high schools, 28 research institutes, and has several international memberships.

The students of Near East University, are provided with all-round on-campus facilities and opportunities such as sports fields, shops, restaurants, dormitories with a capacity of 5000 people, health and fitness centres, hospitals, cafes, student clubs, radio-TV centre, library, Olympic swimming pool, national and international banks, travel agencies and a post office.

There are also scheduled coaches traveling between city and airport from early morning till late night, 24 hours security and health services.

Since its establishment, the Near East University, primarily aiming to educate self-confident, highly qualified, dedicated and determined individuals, has made incredible progress and turned into the largest higher education institution and cultural centre of Cyprus.

Tuition & Other Costs

Near East University Tuition Fees

Faculty of Education

€2800/Year – Art Teaching

€2800/Year – Classroom Teaching

€2800/Year – Computer Education and Educational Technology

€2800/Year – English Language Teaching

€2800/Year – Geography Teaching

€2800/Year – History Teaching

€2800/Year – Mathematics Teaching for Elementary Schools

€2800/Year – Mathematics Teaching

€2800/Year – Music Teaching

€2800/Year – Philosophy Teaching

€2800/Year – Pre-School Teaching

€2800/Year – Psychological Counseling and Guidance

€2800/Year – Science Teaching

€2800/Year – Social Sciences Teaching

€2800/Year – Teaching Program for the Mentally Disadvantaged

€2800/Year – Turkish Language and Literature Teaching

Faculty of Dentistry

€4700/Year – Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

€4300/Year – Pharmacy

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

€2800/Year – English Language and Literature

€2800/Year – Mathematics

€2800/Year – Molecular Biology and Genetics

€2800/Year – Psychology

€2800/Year – Translation and Interpretation

€2800/Year – Turkish Language and Literature Teaching

Faculty of Fine Arts

€2800/Year – Graphic Design

€2800/Year – Plastic Arts

Faculty of Law (LLB)

€3,800/Year – Law

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

€2800/Year – Banking and Accounting

€2800/Year – Business Administration

€2800/Year – Computer Information Systems

€2800/Year – Economics

€2800/Year – European Union Relations

€2800/Year – Human Resources Management

€2800/Year – Information and Record Management

€2800/Year – International Relations

€2800/Year – International Business

€2800/Year – Knowledge Management

€2800/Year – Marketing

€2800/Year – Management Information Systems

€2800/Year – Political Science

Faculty of Communication

€2800/Year – Journalism

€2800/Year – Public Relations and Advertising

€5,600/Year – Film-Making and Broadcasting

€2800/Year – Visual Communication and Design

€2800/Year – Radio, Television and Cinema

Faculty of Architecture

€2800/Year – Architecture

€2800/Year – Interior Design

€2800/Year – Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Engineering

€2800/Year – Automotive Engineering

€2800/Year – Bio- Engineering

€2800/Year – Biomedical Engineering

€2800/Year – Civil Engineering

€2800/Year – Computer Engineering

€2800/Year – Electrical and Electronic Engineering

€2800/Year – Food Engineering

€2800/Year – Information Systems Engineering

€2800/Year – Mechanical Engineering

€2800/Year – Nanotechnology Engineering

€2800/Year – Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

€2800/Year – Software Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences

€2800/Year – Nutrition and Dietetics

€2800/Year – Nursing

€2800/Year – Health Facilities Management

€2800/Year – Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Performing Arts

€2800/Year – Acting

€2800/Year – Drama Writing

Faculty of Medicine

€12,600/Year – Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

€2800/Year – Veterinary Medicine


Faculty of Theology

€2800/Year – Religious Graduate

Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Turkish are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Turkish.

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has NO application/enrollment fee.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines

Spring/February Intake: starts – 15th Nov, ends – 15th February (best to apply before October)

Fall/September Intake: starts – 1st March, ends – 10th September (best to apply before June)

Application Documents

NEU continues to provide quality education to both local and international students. To be admitted to study in Cyprus, you must have one of the following; General Certificate in Secondary Education (GCSE), WASSCE, NECO, JAMB, and International BACCALAUREATE.

Transfer Students

Official stamped and signed descriptions of courses already taken along with stamped and signed official university Transcript or equivalent 

Must complete a minimum of 2/3 of the Master’s degree credits (credits Earned at other universities)


Some requirements for applications to graduate programs of Near East University are as follows:

Must have graduated from a 4-year based undergraduate program from a recognized university.

Having obtained a minimum score of 5.5 which is relevant to the intended study field from Academic Postgraduate Education Exam (ALES) (this document must be submitted for registration)

Documents required for the application also includes the following;

Copy of undergraduate diploma

Curriculum Vitae

ALES result for students from Turkey


Copy of identity card

2 reference letters

2 passport size photos

Foundation/Preparatory School / Course / Program

Many of the fresh students who have just completed secondary school studies spend their first academic year in English Preparatory Year Programs. The core aim of this program is the development of proficiency in the use of English. This ensures that the students are effectively prepared to undertake university-level studies conducted in the medium of English.

On the other hand, any student admitted, who can demonstrate proficiency in English considered satisfactory for university-level studies may be permitted to register directly for freshman classes without enrolling in the English Preparatory Year Program.

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

Non-English speaking international students will need to submit an English language proficiency certificate (any of these – IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, IGCSE PTE).

NEU Accommodation  Costs

Accommodation on the NEU is very affordable and ranges from €1000 – €5300 per  year. Depending on the type of accommodation and the number of occupants.

Near East University (NEU) Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, few actually compare to Near East University. NEU has some of the best accommodation any university in the world can have. NEU provides 2 main types of accommodation which is the Dormitory and the Residence.

You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options at NEU.

Some of these accommodations include:

Economic Dormitory (Female Dormitory 1)

Economic Dormitory (Male Dormitory 3)

Luxury Dormitory (Male Dormitory 12)

Luxury Dormitory (Female Dormitory 14)

Regular Dormitory (Female Dormitory 2)

Standard Dormitory (Male Dormitory 4, 5 and 8)

Standard Dormitory (Female Dormitory 6, 7 and 9)

The Residence