Metropolitan College

Since 1982, Metropolitan College (AMC) has been offering a vast choice of academic programmes of study to many young people, in an academic environment in line with international standards of well-known educational institutions around the world.

All our courses take place in a fully-equipped academic environment and all our programmes are based on genuine academic traditions. The theoretical knowledge offered in each cognitive field is the threshold for further academic and scientific progress of our graduates or for their adjustment in today’s challenging employment market.

Only with academic education can one ensure one’s professional flexibility and the ability to adapt in the continuously changing conditions of employment of post-modern societies.

With theoretically-founded academic programs and with the best possible combinations between them, our main aim is to develop critical thinking, rationalization, problem-solving skills and make life choices available to our students, all of which are necessary conditions for the smooth operation of our society in our times.

AMC’s main priority is the continuous development of critical thinking, academic progress and academic research spirit for each of our students. So, we are confident that Metropolitan College will be a leader and a strong contributor in this great effort. 

Tuition & Other Costs

Tuition fees are quoted based on the different choice of programs the innovative Metropolitan College (AMC) has on offer for all students, both international and local. Also the language of instruction is a major determinant of the amount international students pay to get admission.

Tuition Fees


Faculty of Business and Economics

8,000 € per year – Business Management

8,000 € per year – Economics for Business

8,000 € per year – Economics for Business

8,000 € per year – Marketing Management

Faculty of Tourism

8,000 € per year – International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Faculty of Shipping

8,000 € per year – Maritime Business

8,000 € per year – Shipping & Port Management

Faculty of Computing

8,000 € per year – Computing

8,000 € per year – Computer Networks

Faculty of Health Sciences

9,000 € per year – Biomedical Science

9,000 € per year – Sports Coaching & Physical Education

9,000 € per year – Dietetics

9,000 € per year – Physiotherapy

Faculty of Human Sciences

8,000 € per year – Psychology

Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Built Environment

9,000 € per year – Architecture (RIBA part 1)

9,000 € per year – Civil Engineering and Construction

9,000 € per year – Electrical and Electronic Systems


9,000 € per year – Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

9,000 € per year – BSc (Hons) Economics

9,000 € per year – BSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations


Faculty of Business and Economics

10,000 € per course – MBA International Business

Faculty of Tourism

16,000 € per course – ΜΒΑ in Hospitality

Faculty of Shipping and Maritime studies

10,000 € per course – MSc International Shipping and Logistics

10,000 € per course – MSc International Maritime Business

Faculty of Human Science

10,000 € per course – MSc Advanced Dietetic Practice

Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Built Engineering

16,000 € per course – MArch Architecture and Urbanism UoP

10,000 € per course – MSc Civil Engineering and the Built Environment UoP

10,000 € per course – MSc Electronic Systems Engineering UoP

New foreign students admitted have to make a down payment of 50% of the tuition fees for the selected degree program. The Metropolitan College are given the option to pay the fees of each academic year in three different installments:

Firstly, non-EU/UK students must need pay a 500 Euros non-refundable fee.

Secondly registration fee deposit of 600 Euros is required upon acceptance of the admission offer from AMC.

Returning Students

Returning international students are required to make payments for their annual fees in up to three installments:

Upon re-enrollment (May-July or December each year for February intake), make re-enrollment deposit fee (900€).

Pay up 50% of annual College tuition fees (deduct the re-enrolment deposit fee) + partner University re-enrollment fee.

50% of annual College tuition fees before the start of the second semester.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

AMC has put in place a scholarship scheme for undergraduate international students, in an attemptto promote and encourage academic excellence among university scholars. Under this scheme, Bachelor’s graduates are entitled to a 25% – 50% scholarship. Determined chiefly by the degree classification of an applicant who chooses to continue with postgraduate studies at the Metropolitan College.


Any student who pays off all their annual fees at once is entitled to a 10% discount.

Those able to pay all their annual fee in two installments are eligible to a 5% discount.

Students who use a credit card to make a one-off payment are eligible to receive 12 interest-free installments and an 8% discount.

Refund Policy

Once the deposits for the visa and/or tuition fees are made into the universities bank account, it is usually non-refundable. It is only under the condition that the visa or entry permit is denied an international student will the school refund payments.

 Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Greek are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Greek.

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has NO application/enrollment fee.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines


Fall/October Intake: starts – November, ends – May (best to apply before March)


Spring/January Intake: starts – May, ends- September (best to apply before July)

Fall/October Intake: starts – November, ends – May (best to apply before March)

Application Documents

Undergraduate applicants must be over 18. There is no age limit for postgraduate applicants.


Scanned Copy of your International Travel Passport

Personal photo (face only)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School leaving certificate or equivalent (if it is not in English or Greek, it must be translated)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School Transcript or equivalent (if it is not in English or Greek, it must be translated)

Letters of recommendation by high school teachers

Copy of English Language Certificate

NB: In addition to all the above documentation, a personal interview complements the evaluation. In addition, candidates must apply with the minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or 6 or equivalent. As determined by their respective fields of study.


Scanned Copy of your International Travel Passport

Personal photo (face only)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (if it is not in English or Greek, it must be translated)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official bachelor’s Transcript or equivalent (if it is not in English or Greek, it must be translated)

Copy of English Language certificate of proficiency

Letter of Intent/Statement of Purpose

Two reference letters / letters of recommendation


NB: In addition to all the above documentation, a personal interview complements the evaluation.

Foundation/Preparatory School / Course / Program

Applicants who don’t have English proficiency results are given a simple (street conversation level) English test. Those who fail are given English course for one or two semesters before they start the main courses. Also, applicants who have deficiency course (not enough of the prerequisite courses) are also giving such courses before they start their main program.

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

Students who cannot demonstrate sufficient English proficiency must attend the English Preparatory Program for usually up to 1 year before they can start their undergraduate or graduate program.

Other Application Details

Undergraduate applicants must be over 18. There is no age limit for postgraduate applicants.


Scholarship Awarded by: Metropolitan College

Scholarship Amount: 1,000 EUR discount for international students based on their previous academic performance (evidence required).

Scholarship Duration: complete duration of your degree program

Scholarship Eligibility: Foreign Student at Undergraduate & Masters level

Scholarship Application: There is no separate application. Students seeking admission into the university are considered for the scholarship. So just apply for your admission and we will take care of the rest.

Scholarship Coverage: This scholarship only affects your tuition fees. You are still responsible for all your other study abroad costs.

Admission Procedure

International students can obtain admission into the prestigious Metropolitan College are required to fill in the application form and submit all the required supporting documentations. Which also include a photo either in jpg or pdf format along with all other documents depending on the application level. All of which are summarized into three (3) simple steps.


For Undergraduates

1. Completed Application for Admission Form.

2. Copy of Passport (only the page(s) that shows your photo, personal details and signature) valid for at least two years from the commencement of classes. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of commencement of classes.

3. Scanned copy of Secondary and Senior Secondary High School Graduation Certificates and Mark Sheets (with a minimum of 50% overall average mark at Senior Secondary).

For Postgraduates

1. Postgraduate applicants do not need to have the minimum of 50% at Senior Secondary as long as they have a minimum of 40% overall average mark at their Bachelor Degree.

2. Scanned copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet (applicable only for postgraduate applicants e.g. MBA).

3. Two references (from current and/or former lecturers, employers, and other associates) using the College reference form.

Once we receives the documents listed above along with the application fee, it is processed and then the applicant will receive a certificate of admission from the Office of Admission. This comes along with an Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Study form. This mostly happens when the student satisfies the admission requirements of the school and program they wish to study.


Upon receipt of the admission letter, the international student is expected to carry out the different procedures necessary to secure a student travel visa. To obtain a student travel visa. international students should produce the following:

Prove of admission.

Bank statement proving that student is capable of financially support themselves during the course of the study program in Greece.

Pay visa application fee to embassy.

Produce valid legal passport