European University of Lefke

The University campus is located on a hill in one of the island’s richest natural corners, overlooking the local landscape and with a full view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean. With its quiet and tranquil setting, it offers students an ideal environment to pursue their academic studies.

With its excellent infrastructure and technological equipment, EUL is the leading brand of education in the west of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“Our university aims to offer up-to-date, long-lasting quality education at international standards. It produces research and contributes to the needs of society.

More importantly, our aim here at the European University of Lefke is to train the students in becoming honest, innovative and professionally responsible individuals with distinct personalities who are capable of critical thinking, able to contribute to the society on scientific matters, to develop cultural diversity, intercultural competence, and empathy within the University and in the society.

In addition, we aim to train them to contribute to the welfare of the society and peace in the region and the world, to assume a pioneering role in the economic, social and cultural development of the country by giving highest priority to quality in areas of academic freedom, education and to accelerate the scientific and technological innovations and developments.

Degree Programs, Tuition & Other Cost

General Cost, Budget & Living Expenses

Studying abroad is Cyprus is way cheaper than studying in USA, UK, France, Germany, etc. However, it is still studying abroad and it more expensive than studying in your home country. When deciding to study abroad, there are many costs students must consider as they make their budgets. These mainly include:

Tuition fees

Visa & Flight


Living Expenses

For some countries, these costs may prove to be very expensive. However, the cost of studying in North Cyprus is very affordable. For international students, tuition fees differ depending on the degree type a student wants to study (e.g. Undergraduate, Masters, etc). And North Cyprus universities offer amazing scholarships on tuition to international students to help lower their cost of study.  

Cost & Budget Estimates for North Cyprus

$2,800 – $ 8,160(per year) Tuition fees (after 50% scholarship) 
)Books — most courses use online resources, Library is stock with modern books. $100 (per semester)
Transportation — Free School Buses around the city, cheap buses between cities for $200 – $500  (per month)
Budget & Living Expenses — Food, Clothes (most students can live on $200 per month) $1200 – $7000 (per year)
Accommodation — New students are given preference in school owned dormitories (at least in the first year), group of 2 – 6 students can rent an apartment outside campus, you can rent private dormitories inside or outside campus for $4400 – $16,460 (per year)
Total Rough Estimatefor a year depending on the course, accommodation, university, and your lifestyle. 

Prices stated are what you will pay when granted 50% tuition fee scholarship.

Bachelor’s Degree

School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

$ 2,800/Year – Early Childhood Education

$ 2,800/Year – English Language and Literature

$ 2,800/Year – Graphic Design

$ 2,800/Year – Mass Media and Communication

$ 2,800/Year – Music

$ 2,800/Year – Primary Education

$ 2,800/Year – Psychology

$ 2,800/Year – Public Administration and Governance

$ 2,800/Year – Social Work

School of Business Administration

$ 2,800/Year – Accounting

$ 2,800/Year – Aviation Management

$ 2,800/Year – Business Economics

$ 2,800/Year – Business Studies

$ 2,800/Year – Business Studies – Energy Resources Management (Oil and Gas)

$ 2,800/Year – Finance and Investment

$ 2,800/Year – Hotel, Tourism and Event Management

$ 2,800/Year – Management and Leadership

$ 2,800/Year – Marketing

$ 2,800/Year – Marketing Communications and Social Media

$ 2,800/Year – Sport Management

The School of Law

$ 2,800/Year – Law

$ 2,800/Year – Law (Cyprus Law)

$ 2,800/Year – Law (Greek Law)

School of Medicine

$ 2,800/Year – Dental Surgery

$ 2,800/Year – Medicine

The School of Sciences

$ 2,800/Year – Biological Sciences (General Biology)

$ 2,800/Year – Biological Sciences (General Microbiology)

$ 2,800/Year – Biomedical Sciences

$ 2,800/Year – Civil & Environmental Engineering

$ 2,800/Year – Computer Engineering

$ 2,800/Year – Computer Science

$ 2,800/Year – Electrical and Electronic Engineering

$ 2,800/Year – Mathematics

$ 2,800/Year – Microsoft Information Systems/ Web Technologies

$ 2,800/Year – Nursing

$ 2,800/Year – Nutrition and Dietetics

$ 2,800/Year – Occupational Therapy

$ 2,800/Year – Pharmacy

$ 2,800/Year – Physiotherapy

$ 2,800/Year – Radiodiagnostics – Radiotherapy

$ 2,800/Year – Speech and Language Therapy

$ 2,800/Year – Sports Science and Physical Education

Master’s Degree

School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

$ 4,200/Program – Career Guidance and Counseling

$ 4,200/Program – Digital Media

$ 4,200/Program – Early Childhood Education

$ 4,200/Program – Educational Management and Leadership

$ 4,200/Program – English Language and Literature

$ 4,200/Program – Hellenic Studies

$ 4,200/Program – Music Education

$ 4,200/Program – Psychology

$ 4,200/Program – Public Administration

$ 4,200/Program – Special (Inclusive) Education

$ 4,200/Program – Technologies of Learning and Communication

$ 4,200/Program – Visual Arts in Education

School of Business Administration

$ 4,200/Program – Business Administration

$ 4,200/Program – Shipping and Maritime Studies

The School of Law

$ 4,200/Program – Law

School of Medicine

$ 4,200/Program – Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control

The School of Sciences

$ 4,200/Program – Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

$ 4,200/Program – Computer Science

$ 4,200/Program – Cybersecurity

$ 4,200/Program – Gerontology

$ 4,200/Program – Information Systems

$ 4,200/Program – Midwifery

$ 4,200/Program – Nursing

$ 4,200/Program – Occupational Safety and Health

$ 4,200/Program – Public Health

$ 4,200/Program – Speech-Language Pathology

$ 4,200/Program – Sport Physiotherapy

$ 4,200/Program – Sports Science

$ 4,200/Program – Telecommunications Engineering

Doctorate Degree

School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

$ 8,160/Program – Education Sciences

$ 8,160/Program – Music Education

$ 8,160/Program – Psychology

School of Business Administration

$ 8,160/Program – Business Administration

The School of Sciences

$ 8,160/Program – Computing/ Computer Science

$ 8,160/Program – Nursing

$ 8,160/Program – Occupational Safety and Health

$ 8,160/Program – Physiotherapy

$ 8,160/Program – Public Health

Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Turkish are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Turkish.

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has NO application/enrollment fee.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines

Spring/February Intake: starting from October until the end of January (best to apply before October)

Fall/September Intake: starting from March until the end of August (best to apply before June)

Application Documents


Scanned copy of international travel passport

Scanned copy of Secondary School Certificate

Full Transcript (for transfer students only)

One passport-sized photograph (face only)

Applicants must be below 25 years

A copy of proof of English Proficiency if any (SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE, IELTS or any other relevant document)

Note:English translations of these documents are necessary if they are in any language other than English

Transfer Students or Associate Degree Holders

Scanned copy of international travel passport

Scanned copy of Secondary School Certificate

Full Academic Transcript

One passport-sized photograph (face only)

A copy of proof of English Proficiency if any (SAT, TOEFL, IGCSE, IELTS or any other relevant document)

Transfer applications should be to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th semesters.

Associate Degree or National Diploma holders generally start from the 5th semester.

CGPA should be minimum 2.00 out of 4.00 or the equivalent.

Student should not have been dismissed from a University,

All required modules should have been completed from previous classes.


Scanned Copy of your International Travel Passport

Personal photo (face only)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School leaving certificate or equivalent

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School Transcript or equivalent

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (for masters)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official bachelor’s Transcript or equivalent (for masters)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official Masters degree from an accredited college or university (for PhD)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official master’s Transcript or equivalent (for PhD)

YOUR CV (for masters & PhD)

PORTFOLIO (required for Architecture Applicants)



MASTER THESIS (optional)

Non-English speaking international students will need to take free UNIC’s NEPTON test

Or submit an English language proficiency certificate (any of these – IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, IGCSE, PTE) (optional).

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

Non-English speaking international students will need to take free English preparatory program proficiency exam (upon arrival to the university)

Or submit an English language certificate(any of these – IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, IGCSE PTE).


Depending on which flat you choose, your weekly rent would be between $126 to $156.

European University of Lefke (EUL) Accommodation

These are the 4 blocks residence halls within the campus borders. The residence places are arranged as rooms and have the capacity of 836 places. The accommodation options are as follows:

Single room with meal accommodation.

Double room with meal accommodation.

Triple room with accommodation.

Single room accommodation.

Double room accommodation.

Triple room accommodation.

En-suite single room with meal accommodation.

En-suite double room with meal accommodation.

En-suite triple room with meal accommodation.

En-suite single room accommodation.

En-suite double  room accommodation.

En-suite triple room accommodation.

EUL Accommodation Features

The following are standard services and opportunities provided by our accommodations.

Kitchen, study and TV rooms on every floor.

24-hour security and CCTV.

Out coming call landline phones in every room.

24-hour free wired and wireless internet connection in rooms and common areas.

TV connection in every room.

Charged laundry service on condition that students do the laundry themselves.

Cleaning service done by our experienced staff daily.

24-hour free hot water.

Study desk, bookshelf, chair, wardrobe, base bed, mini fridge, air conditioning in every room.

En suite bath and wc.

Goverment Owned Residences

These are the accommodation facilities run by the public sector and they are avaiable for EUL students free of charge.

These residences offer 684 rooms to European University of Lefke students.