Cyprus West University

The university is providing many services: for instance, student development and counseling center, health center, psychological counseling and guidance center, school bus and library and computer laboratories. These services allow the students to interact and know many cultures.

The Cyprus West University is committed to providing services to the society with self-confident students and academic staff who have social responsibility within the light of individual thinking and open to interdisciplinary approach also who can contribute to science, artistic production and technological innovations at national and international level.

It will be entrepreneurs, not states or big corporations that will allow the world to emerge from the economic depression it has fallen into. But to be a successful entrepreneur, the students need to be highly educated and establish recognizable personalities in the academic world.

Some university graduates are willing to pursue their personal careers while others might pursue initiatives to create jobs for others.

However, the aim of the university education goes beyond the limited boundaries of finding a job or starting a business and involves helping the student to search for the truth, personal development, and open new horizons.

Tuition Fees and Other Cost.

General Cost, Budget & Living Expenses

Studying abroad is Cyprus is way cheaper than studying in USA, UK, France, Germany, etc. However, it is still studying abroad and it more expensive than studying in your home country. When deciding to study abroad, there are many costs students must consider as they make their budgets. These mainly include:

Tuition fees

Visa & Flight


Living Expenses

For some countries, these costs may prove to be very expensive. However, the cost of studying in North Cyprus is very affordable. For international students, tuition fees differ depending on the degree type a student wants to study (e.g. Undergraduate, Masters, etc). And North Cyprus universities offer amazing scholarships on tuition to international students to help lower their cost of study.  

Cost & Budget Estimates for North Cyprus


$2400 (per year) Tuition fees (after 50% scholarship) — The tuition you pay depends on your course, your study level, and the university you choose.
Books — most courses use online resources, Library is stock with modern books. $100 (per semester)
Transportation — Free School Buses around the city, cheap buses between cities from $200 – $500  (per month)
Budget & Living Expenses — Food, Clothes (most students can live on $200 per month) $1200 – $7000 (per year
)Accommodation — New students are given preference in school owned dormitories (at least in the first year), group of 2 – 6 students can rent an apartment outside campus, you can rent private dormitories inside or outside campus from $4500 – $25000 (per year)
Total Rough Estimate for a year depending on the course, accommodation, university, and your lifestyle. 

Prices stated are what you will pay when granted 50% tuition fee scholarship.

Cyprus West University Tuition Fees

Pre-University Programs

$2400 per year – English Preparatory School

Undergraduates Programs

Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences

$2400 per year – Business Administration

$2400 per year – Civil Aviation Management

$2400 per year – Tourism and Hotel Management

$2400 per year – Psychology

Faculty of Education

$2400 per year – Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Faculty of Health Sciences

$2400 per year – Nutrition and Dietetics

$2400 per year – Nursing

Faculty of Law

$2400 per year – Law.


Scholarship Awarded by: Cyprus West University

Scholarship Amount: offer all international students 50% tuition fee scholarship, and CWU sometimes offers 75% and 100% –  it depends on the candidates.

Scholarship Duration: complete duration of your degree program

Scholarship Eligibility: Foreign Student at Undergraduate level

Scholarship Application: There is no separate application. Students seeking admission into the university are considered for the scholarship. So just apply for your admission and we will take care of the rest.

Scholarship Coverage: This scholarship only affects your tuition fees. You are still responsible for all your other study abroad costs.

Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Turkish are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Turkish.

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has NO application/enrollment fee.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines

Spring/February Intake: starts – October,ends – February (best to apply before October)

Fall/September Intake: starts – April, ends – September (best to apply before June)

Application Documents

Undergraduate Applicants must be less than 27 years old.


Scanned Copy of your International Travel Passport

Personal photo (face only)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School leaving certificate or equivalent (if it is not in English or Turkish, it must be translated)

Scanned Copy of stamped and signed official High School Transcript or equivalent (if it is not in English or Turkish, it must be translated)

If the students don’t have any English exam results like TOEFL (optional), they can take the university’s English proficiency exam (testing if you can communicate in basic English) after they complete their registration in our campus.

Transfer Students

Official stamped and signed descriptions of courses already taken along with stamped and signed official university Transcript or equivalent 

Must complete a minimum of 2/3 of the Master’s degree credits (credits Earned at other universities)

Foundation/Preparatory School / Course / Program

Applicants who don’t have English proficiency will taken an English course for one or two semesters before they start the main courses. Also, applicants who have deficiency course (not enough of the prerequisite courses) are also giving such courses before they start their main program.

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

Students with any conditions of English requirements are accepted. After students arrival, if the student hasn’t met the Following English Level requirements, he/she will be required to take the university’s English Proficiency Exam.

 IELTS – International English Language Testing System (minimum 6.0)

 TOEFL IBT – Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 60)

 TOEFL CBT – Computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 170)

TOEFL PBT – Paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 497)

GCE/IGCSE – General Certificate ofEducation/International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Minimum C)

FCE – First Certificate in English (Minimum C)

CPE/CAE Certificate of Proficiency in English/Certificate in Advanced English (Minimum C)

SAT – The SAT Reasoning Test (Formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test):

Old SAT: Writing: Minimum 400, Reading: Minimum 400, Total: Minimum 800

New SAT: English: 480

PTE – Pearson Test of English: Minimum 36

If the student passes the exam, then he will be studying in his department, but if the student fails, then the student must study an English semester or a year which depends on the level of the student.

Other Application Details

Undergraduate Applicants must be less than 27 years old.