Budapest Metropolitan University

Our university provides graduates with a wide range of competitive knowledge, skills, and competencies to make them fit for the Hungarian and international labour market.

Our education is based on innovative methods that are delivered by our academic staff with international experience in an inspiring/innovative educational and research environment.

Our goal is to enable everyone to unlock its professional and personal potential in METU’s inspiring and open-minded community. We prepare our students for the ever-changing labour market needs by developing their creative thinking.

We create new ways of thinking and achieving, making us stand out as pacemakers and an inspiring place to stunt

Preparatory Programs

2000 EUR/semester – Professional foundation semester for Business programs, pre-master program

2200 EUR/semester – Intensive English Language Preparatory Program

Bachelors Programs


2375 EUR/semester – Communication and Media Science

2375 EUR/semester – International Relations


2375 EUR/semester – Business Administration and Management

2375 EUR/semester – Commerce and Marketing

2375 EUR/semester – Finance and Accounting

2375 EUR/semester – International Business


2375 EUR/semester – Tourism and Catering


3150 EUR/semester – Animation

E3150 EUR/semester – Environment Design

3150 EUR/semester – Graphic Design

3150 EUR/semester – Media Design

3150 EUR/semester – Photography

3150 EUR/semester – Visual Representation

Coventy Programs (Offered together with Coventy University (UK))

295 EUR/semester – International Business top up

295 EUR/semester – International Hospitality top up

Masters Programs


3300 EUR/semester – Communication and Media Studies


3300 EUR/semester – Business Development

2500 EUR/semester – Management and leadership

2500 EUR/semester – Marketing

3300 EUR/semester – Master of Business Administration


2500 EUR/semester – Tourism Management


3500 EUR/semester – Art and Design Management

3500 EUR/semester – Graphic Design


The Butapest Metropolitan University offers a number of scholarships to international students namely:

METU Study Grant

Public life Scholarship

Scientific and professional scholarship

Sport scholarship

MNB Scholarship of Excellence

Higher National Education Scholarship

Career Scholarship


Language of Teaching

Majority of the courses are taught in good English. Some courses taught only in Turkish are marked on the degree programs or tuition fees tabs. Languages on the street are mainly English and Turkish.

Application / Enrollment Fees

This university has an application/enrollment fee of 120 EUR.

This university has NO per-semester registration fee.

Application Deadlines


Early bird**: 30th of May

Final: 30th of June


Early bird**: 15th of October

Final: 30th of November


For undergraduates, submit certificate of high school with transcript

For postgraduate, submit certificate and transcripts from previous universities.

Submit English language certificate from with the following grades:

For BA and BSc programs: IELTS minimum of 5.5

For MA and MSc programs: IELTS min 6.0

Applicants who do not have the language certificate or have the minimum marks will starts their studies with an English language preparatory program.

Foundation/Preparatory School / Course / Program

Applicants who don’t have English proficiency results are given a simple (street conversation level) English test. Those who fail are given English course for one or two semesters before they start the main courses. Also, applicants who have deficiency course (not enough of the prerequisite courses) are also giving such courses before they start their main program.

English Proficiency Documents / Requirements 

-For BA and BSc programs: IELTS min. 5.5

-For MA and MSc programs: IELTS min. 6.0

-For the Coventry Top-up program: IELTS min. 6.5

Please note that all applicants need to participate in an online admission interview. During this interview, you’ll need to prove your language skills and the admission committee will make their admission decision based on this. If you don’t reach the necessary language level, you won’t be granted admission even if you have a previously obtained language certificate.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum language requirements have to start their studies with an English Language Preparatory Program.

Other Application Details

There is no age limit.

Dormitory & Accommodation

Accommodation fee will make up the largest percentage of your total monthly budget. The amount you need per month will depend on what type of accommodation you secure. An amount of approximately 60,000-170,000 HUF/months (200-550 EUR) is needed monthly to cover your accommodation costs. You can get a place in a student hostel for about 210-300 EUR, or a private apartment for 400-500 EUR.

The living costs in Budapest are about another 150-250 EUR/months. This sum includes grocery, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills and other expenses apart from the tuition fee and housing.

Dormitory Types

There two main Metropolitan dormitories types namely: Nova Inn and Belvárosi Albérletház. These are the two contracted dormitories of the university. One of them is just downtown and the other one is right next to our campus.

Applicants who would like to moveneed to pay a deposit after filling the online registration form. The deposit is 500 EUR for all the dormitories.